What our Clients are saying....

"We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated with great respect." - Rhonda

"…was responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. And, best of all, they delivered results." - Robert  L.

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You made building our home a wonderful experience. You were patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and your quality of work exceptional. Our guests constantly compliment us on our home...We would recommend you to all our friends and family because our experience was that good." - Biff and Laura

"You have gone well beyond my expectations for dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly service. It's great to know that whenever something breaks, I can rely on you to provide fast friendly professional service."- Gary 

"Very professional.  Pretty good attention to detail although they did some things differently than what was proposed.  Result was very good.  I also had requested a price for painting the roof and verbally my price was a lot lower than what was proposed at the end of the project - so like with all other contractors, get your quotes in writing.  All in all, a great job on my house and much more professional with a great attitude than many other companies out there".  Amer A.

"I have a very unique L-shaped balcony 100 feet overlooking the ocean.  They painted 200 rails silver on the inside, brown on the outside.  (Building rules require the outside to be painted brown and not many contractors would agree to such work)." "I had a company come out before them who did a horrible job and they wouldn't come back and fix the problem they created.  I called Painting Wizard and George came by yesterday with his team and redid everything.  Their work is phenomenal; they are very organized, trustworthy, and neat - they taped off the entire balcony and even though it is windy and overlooking the ocean, they didn't get a drop of paint  anywhere.  If I could grade  them above A+, I would. " They were on time - I would recommend them to anyone who wants quality work at a fair price.  They are phenomenal;  I could not be more pleased.  I understand that delivery is your credibility - they are one of the rare ones.  Good crew to have when you are working around wealth because they are completely trustworthy.  I recommend them to everyone."  Lee L.

"Great work, you guys were fast and clean considering all the rain and the large size of the project..." Barry S.

"They were very cordial and did everything I requested without question".  Gerald R.

"This was a wonderful experience.  I felt good about working with them".  Magaly R.

"Painting Wizard did a great job painting the exterior of my house.  I am very happy with the job that they did.  They were very professional and very detailed.  George was at my house every day checking to make sure that everything was going well. They did a great job supervising and also painting.  The painters were very courteous and very neat.  I would recommend them highly to anyone that is looking for a great painting service".  Elsa P.

"They were very professional and a pleasure to deal with".  Rebecca G.

"Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you again for the GREAT job you did for us.
You not only met our expectations, you exceeded them in every way.  The contractor
you brought in to install the ceramic floor did a great job.  The crown molding and new floor door trim are very professionally installed.  I have never seen a better finish paint job. We invited our Realtor over to see the completed work and her comment was "I've never seen such good quality work.  I didn't know we had finish painters like this in Miami. Your communications during the project were exceptional even though you did all the work when we were in another state.  The pictures you sent and the telephone calls kept us informed throughout the project. You and your team are exceptionally trustworthy craftsmen.  We strongly recommend your services."  Roger and Diane V.

"Awesome, complete satisfaction, 100% recommendation, very attentive.  We couldn't have expected more."  Russ T.

"Their work was very professional and clean. They were so nice and patient with us. I loved working with them and I will definitely be calling them for future projects." Max M.

"They are the best! From beginning to end they were courteous, friendly, and on time. It was the best experience i've had!" Julie J.

"Very professional and hard working, On time and always ready to start a project, we could not be happier with the outcome! I would not even hesitate to hire again, my house looks amazing! " Dena B.

"Wonderful to work with...." Betsy P.

"Thank you so much for making our house look new again. We are so happy!  Thanks too for leaving extra cards - we are receiving lots of compliments so I will be passing them out to our neighbors. Thanks again for your professionalism and stunning work. Have a wonderful holiday season..." Sent from my iPhone, Jennifer R.

Hi everyone. This will serve as an endorsement/recommendation for the professional painting services of Jorge Sanchez and PaintingWiz. I decided to exterior paint my house this month (3/15). As is usual for me, I called three different licensed contractors for estimates. I chose to go with Jorge Sanchez for the following reasons:
1) he had the most professional website, which explained his services clearly and concisely, while addressing all of my initial needs/concerns.
2)... He gave me the most competitive price of the three
3) His explanation when he first visited my house was just as clear and concise as was his website. He showed me that he was detail-oriented and a true professional, who would protect my awnings, plants, etc. He explained the entire process from filling cracks and breaks, priming, and then painting with 15-year paint, including a 5 year labor guarrantee.
4) He provided me with a clearly written contract, where he separated the labor from the material costs, and outlined every detail to be done.

I was confident I was getting the best deal with the best price. Most importantly, the results were just as advertised. Both my wife and I were very pleased with the way the house looked after he finished. It makes my 1938 house look brand new! Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Jorge Sanchez and PaintingWiz for any painting job you may need. Thanks very much Jorge, and keep on painting! R. De Jesus Alvarez

Jorge Sanchez is an amazing Professional Painter who is an absolute delight to work with. I am honored to have met him and so grateful to a neighbor for recommending him! His skill with color and what is right for the project is priceless. The fact that he has a Master's Degree in the art is evident in each project. His skill with articulating exactly what needs to be done, when he can get it done for you and how it will be carried out is refreshing in the Miami Marketplace. A precise invoice arrives in advance for approval and the work is then carried out with precision. The outstanding things that I have witnessed about Jorge from a client point of view... simply might be... that he is a top Professional who cares deeply with a unique kindness about his individual clients and truly enjoys enhancing the beauty of their homes with his expertise... and he has such a great pride in his work. I cannot recommend Jorge highly enough! John and Kay M. 


Respect between the client and the contractor is very important. We are not the cheapest in town and we do not exagerate our prices---we simply offer a fair price for a quality professional service. If you are looking to be cheap and expect a 5 star service do not call on us. If you are wanting to improve your life by improving your home and expect a good honest professional job at a dependable professional price then please give us the opportunity to serve you. Fairness is the key to our partnership. We are open for new challenges and welcome flexible approaches.